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Machu Picchu, Peru.

South America's Top Museums & World Heritage Sites

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  • LIST OF MUSEUMS IN Bolivia - Wikipedia.
    • Fuerte de Samaipata - the huge sculptured rock, dominating the town below, is a unique testimony to pre-Hispanic traditions and beliefs, and has no parallel anywhere in the Americas.
    • Historic City of Sucre - founded by the Spanish in the first half of the 16th century. Its many well-preserved 16th-century religious buildings.
    • Tiwanaku - spiritual and political centre of the Tiwanaku culture (500 and 900 AD).
  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro.
    • Christ the Redeemer (statue) - since 1931. Rio de Janeiro. It is 30 metres (98 ft) tall, not including its 8-metre (26 ft) pedestal, and its arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide.
    • Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia - as the first capital of Brazil, from 1549 to 1763, Salvador de Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and Amerindian cultures.
    • Imperial Museum of Brazil - situated in the historic center of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is housed in the former summer palace of the emperor, Pedro II (1831-1889), built in 1845.
    • Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis - ruins of São Miguel das Missões in Brazil, and those of San Ignacio Miní, Santa Ana, Nuestra Señora de Loreto and Santa María la Mayor in Argentina, lie at the heart of a tropical forest.
    • National Historical Museum - created in 1922, and possesses over 287,000 items, including the largest numismatic collection of Latin America. Rio de Janeiro.
  • Ahu Akivi moai that face the ocean in Rapa Nui National Park.
    • Churches of ChiloÉ - represent a unique example in Latin America of an outstanding form of ecclesiastical wooden architecture.
    • Easter Island - Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people.
  • Museum of the Nation, Av Javier Prado Este 2466, Lima, Peru.
  • LIST OF MUSEUMS IN PERU - Wikipedia.
  • Peru opens Machu Picchu ruins for one tourist - "Japanese tourist waited almost seven months to enter Inca citadel while trapped in country during coronavirus pandemic."
    • Choquequirao - ruined Inca city in south Peru, similar in structure and architecture to Machu Picchu.
    • MACHU PICCHU - pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
    • Museum of the Nation - houses thousands of artifacts spanning the entire span of human occupation in Peru.
    • National Museum of the Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru - the largest and oldest museum in Peru. The museum houses more than 100,000 artifacts spanning the entire history of human occupation in what is now Peru.
    • Sacred City of Caral-Supe - the 5000-year-old 626-hectare archaeological site of The Sacred City of Caral-Supe is situated on a dry desert terrace overlooking the green valley of the Supe river. It dates back to the Late Archaic Period of the Central Andes and is the oldest centre of civilization in the Americas.
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