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Decanter World Wine Awards 2023.

World's 5 Best High-End Wine Awards & Competitions

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"Beer is made by men, wine by God." - Martin Luther.

A WINE COMPETITION is an organized event in which trained judges or consumers competitively rate different vintages, categories, and/or brands of wine. Wine competitions generally use blind tasting of wine to prevent bias by the judges.

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  • AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge 2023 - "The Largest Officially Recognized Wine Competition in the World."
  • Decanter World Wine Awards 2023 - "Now in its 20th year, Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) has firmly established itself as the world’s largest and most influential wine competition. Respected globally for its rigorous judging process and world-class judges, DWWA results are trusted internationally by both trade and consumers."
  • Luxury Wine Estate Awards - "The Luxury Wine Estate Awards is a recognized global organization providing Wine Estates with recognition for their world class facilities, wines and service excellence provided to clients."
  • MUNDUS VINI Spring Tasting 2023 - "242 wine experts from 46 nations met in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, Germany, at the end of February 2023 to intensively, critically and, of course, blindly taste and evaluate more than 7,500 wines from all over the world on a total of 6 intensive tasting days. On the following pages, all the award-winning wines are presented in detail. In addition to a wealth of information about the wine, such as grape varieties, vintage, etc., you will also find MUNDUS VINI's own spider's web diagram, which gives you a sensory description of the wine."
  • World of Fine Wine - World's Best Wine List Awards 2023 - "The World’s Best Wine Lists Awards, organized by the multi-award-winning quarterly publication The World of Fine Wine, is the most prestigious and rigorous wine lists awards program. We have assembled a panel of some of the world’s most respected experts, including Masters of Wine, a Master Sommelier, and a World Champion Sommelier, to guarantee the credibility and integrity of the competition and to put each submitted list through an intensive independent judging process."
  • World's Best Vineyards 2023: Top 50 - "The worlds best vineyards showcases the prestigious list showcases the worlds best and beautiful vineyards."
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