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S.T. Dupont 18-carat solid gold lighter.

Top 20 Best High-End Luxury Lighter Brands & Makers

Lighter News, Reviews & Resources (20) Top 20 High-End Lighter Brands

A LIGHTER is a portable device used to generate a flame. It consists of a metal or plastic container filled with a flammable fluid or pressurized liquid gas, a means of ignition, and some provision for extinguishing the flame.

The first lighters were invented in the 16th century and were converted flintlock pistols that used gunpowder. The patenting of Ferrocerium by Carl Auer von Welsbach in 1903 has made modern lighters possible. When scratched, it produces a large spark which is responsible for lighting the fuel of many lighters, and is suitably inexpensive for use in disposable items. Using Carl Auer von Welsbach's flint, companies like Ronson were able to develop practical and easy to use lighters. In 1910 Ronson released the first Pist-O-Liter and in 1913 the company developed its first lighter, called the "Wonderlite", which was a permanent match style of lighter. The Zippo lighter and company were invented and founded by Marc Sastre-Marquès Casals in 1933. The Zippo was noted for its reliability, "Life Time Warranty" and marketing as "Wind-Proof". In the 1950s there was a switch in fuel choice from naphtha to butane, as butane allows for a controllable flame and has less odor. This also led to the use of piezoelectric spark, which replaced the need for a flint wheel in some lighters and was used in many Ronson lighters.

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    Lighter News, Reviews & Resources
  • Aston Martin Zippo Lighter: £25.88.
  • ASTON MARTIN - Zippo lighter.
  • Boucheron lighter, 18 kt gold, boxed.
  • Boucheron 18 kt gold lighter - "Still in its original box, a perfectly preserved lighter. Already sold, but opened a new world of lighters for me."
  • Bugatti B-1 Torch Lighter - Gunmetal.
  • Bugatti - B-1 Torch Gunmetal Lighter.
  • CARAN D'ACHE - since 1915. "Exclusive Swiss Luxury Lighters for Collectors." Caran d'Ache presents an exclusive range of finely decorated lighters, ultra-slim, sober and elegant. An individual number is stamped on the base of each lighter, confirming its origin and its pedigree. These highly sought cigarette and cigar luxury lighters are some of the most desirable and collectable. All models.
  • Caran d'Ache High Line Plaqué Or lighter: US$1,640.
  • Caran d'Ache Laque de Chine lighter: US$1,640.
  • CARAN D'ACHE Laque de Chine
  • CARTIER - since 1847. "A small collection that stands by the Maison’s tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately-crafted lighters serve as precious adornments of the day-to-day, ensuring an ever-present touch of elegance." 10 models.
  • Cartier Logotype motif lighter: US$1,230.
  • CARTIER Logotype motif lighter
  • Cartier Godrons' decor square lighter: US$1,150.
  • Caseti Windsor Gold Plating With Black Lacquer Flint Lighter: US$49.92.
  • Caseti Lighters - since 2006. "Caseti provides luxurious yet functional products designed to meet the needs of men. Whether casual or formal, Caseti's combination of craftsmanship and technology in design exceeds gentlemen's expectations to remain the best of their kind. The brand inheritance allows men to express their individuality and personality through the Caseti tradition of providing high-end Classic, Aesthetic, Sensational, Elegant, Thorough and Integral products. Every Caseti lighter comes in a handsome, felt-lined gift box and is covered by a manufacturer's limited two-year warranty. Form and function combine in each Caseti line to afford every man the individuality he demands." All models.
  • DAVIDOFF - since 1936. "Davidoff Lighters enthrall the aficionado with the latest level in technology, developed in the tradition of expertise and care that only time can afford. The smoker can’t help but highly appreciate the lighter's functionality, especially the fluent motion of the roll bar. The flint is easy and practical to replace and the gas is simple to replenish. There are ten select finishes in gold plated, platinum or lacquer across two size choices. Our lighters offer an assortment that is truly best in class." All models.
  • Davidoff Prestige Gold Plate Lighter: US$789.95.
  • Dunhill Barley Pattern Rollagas Lighter: US$725.
  • Dunhill Barley Pattern Rollagas Lighter - "The iconic dunhill Rollagas lighter in a palladium-plated design featuring our signature 'barley pattern' motif. Precision-engineered in Switzerland. First launched in 1956, the epitome of refinement and durability."
  • Dunhill (Alfred Dunhill Co.) ( England) lighters - Price Guide.
  • Dunhill Barley Rollagas Lighter: £480.
  • DUNHILL Barley Rollagas Lighter
  • Dunhill Hobnail 18ct Gold Rollagas Lighter.
  • DUNHILL HOBNAIL 18CT GOLD - The classic!
  • Dunhill Accendino Diamond Chrome Unique Turbo Cigar Lighter: US$995.
  • Dunhill Accendino Diamond Chrome Unique Turbo Cigar Lighter
  • Elie Bleu Delgado pocket lighter - 9 colors: €155.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Elie Bleu has developed several lines of Pocket Lighters to expand the galaxy of cigar accessories offered by the brand." Pocket lighters.
  • Elie Bleu 'Casa Cubana' - Large Table Lighter: €862.
  • ELIE BLEU Paris - since 1976. "Elie Bleu offers Table Lightersto complement most of its cigar box collections, made from the same precious woods." Table lighters.
  • Flaminaire Vintage Vinci Gold Plated Lighter: US$123.
  • Flaminaire Vinci lighter - "Flaminaire Vintage Vinci Gold Plated Lighter."
  • IM Corona - since 1933. "Real Heart into Smoker's Gear."
  • IM Corona Double Corona Gold Plate Barley with Lines: US$210.95.
  • IM Corona Double Corona series - Double flame.
  • IM Corona Flambeau Series - Jet Turbo flame.
  • IM Corona Laurel series
  • IM Corona Old Boy Gold with Barley: US$232.95.
  • IM Corona Old Boy series - Pipe flame.
  • IM Corona Pipe Master series.
  • IM Corona Pipe Master series - Pipe flame.
  • Lorenzi Milano Desk cigarette lighter: €775.
  • Lorenzi Milano - since 1929. "Horn, mammoth, gnu, oryx, antelope, following an all-inclusive thread of wildlife. Table lighters take on unique shapes, interpreting the morphology of horns or using combinations of metal and leather or metal and horn." Luxury cigarette & desk lighters.
  • PIERRE CARDIN - since 1950. "Pierre Cardin lighters are now one of the most popular lighters sold in the UK. In 2009 the range won lighter manufacturer of the year."
  • Pierre Cardin Black & Gold Cigar Lighter with Cutter: £32.95.
  • PIERRE CARDIN Black & Gold Cigar Lighter with Cutter
  • Pierre Cardin Classic Black Laquer lighter: £30.95.
  • PIERRE CARDIN Classic Black Laquer
  • Plazmatic LIGHTERS - since 2013. "Home of the world's most badass, flameless, windproof, eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lighters. The end of nasty butane has arrived! #SayNoToButane."
  • Plazmatic C Note lighter: US$44.99..
  • Plazmatic X lighters - all models.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN - sinde 2003. All models.
  • Porsche Design P´3632 lighter: £145.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3632 lighter
  • Porsche Design P´3633 lighter: £140.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3633 lighter
  • Porsche Design Lighter P'3639: £120.
  • Porsche Design Lighter P'3639 - "Performance, elegantly packaged. The Porsche Design Lighter P'3639 embodies the Porsche Design philosophy to a tee, merging a timeless, puristic aesthetic with technical perfection. Beneath the protective casing of the lighter, a modern quartz mechanism with piezo ignition creates a powerful, almost transparent jet flame. Check the fill level (max. 1 gram) using the side window. For travelers: please note that all Porsche Design lighters are classified as storm lighters. Storm lighters are not permitted in aircraft. Their carriage is strictly forbidden in both hand luggage and checked baggage."
  • Porsche Design P´3643 Candle Lighter: £215.
  • PORSCHE DESIGN P´3643 Candle Lighter - "The most distinctive lighter in the Porsche Design collection."
  • RONSON Lighters - since 1913. "Ronson creates stylish products for simple living." All models.
  • Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Anniversary Varaflame Lighter.
  • Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Anniversary Varaflame Lighter - the flagship of the line. This Ronson classic was first produced in 1957.
  • Ronson Banjo Brass lighter.
  • Ronson Banjo Brass lighter - "The Banjo is an elegantly designed lighter that ergonomically fits into your hands. This lighter was first produced in 1926 as the World's first automatic 'One-Motion' lighter. The current range includes 3 colours, chrome silver finish, brass satin and matte black."
  • Ronson Premier Varaflame Chrome Engine-Turn V Mark lighter.
  • Ronson Premier Varaflame V Mark lighter - "The Premier Varaflame (PV) is our flagship product that was first introduced in 1957, it is one of the most classy lighters available on the market today. This RPV2005 is the modernised version with the Heritage 'V' embossed in gold."
  • Ronson Vestige Dia-Silver Brass lighter.
  • Ronson Vestige Brass lighter
  • Savinelli Lighters.
  • SAVINELLI - since 1876. All models.
  • Savinelli Burgundy Square Table Lighter: €134.
  • SAVINELLI - table lighters.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGHTERS - since 1872. "Complete selection of Rare and Limited Editions, many other."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold finish Natural Lacquer lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT BRIQUET COLLECTION ATELIER - "Rare skills revived by our craftsmen bring out the natural beauty of precious materials with irresistibly rich patinas, as individual as a fingerprint." All models.
  • S.T. Dupont Brushed Gold Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT BRUSHED GOLD FINISH LIGHTER - "The perfect blend of minimalism and functionality. Raise your design profile with the Slim 7 in full brushed gold metal finish; the world’s slimmest luxury lighter, weighing in at 45 grams with a powerful torch flame."
  • Candle Lighter The Wand x Cire Trudon Black-Gold.
  • S.T. Dupont Candle Lighter The Wand × Cire Trudon Black-Gold - "S.T. Dupont has partnered with renowned French candle-maker Cire Trudon and created a special THE WAND candle lighter - available for a limited time. Chic, stylish, ergonomic, meet the new sleek and slender, THE WAND in black and gold. With a powerful blue torch flame, THE WAND is the perfect decorative object for lighting any candle in an instant, both indoors and out."
  • S.T. Dupont Défi Extrême Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT DÉFI EXTRÊME LIGHTER - "Innovative design meets high-performance engineering to create a powerful element-defying lighter, tough enough to withstand winds of up to 40 km/hour and stay ultimately reliable at even the most extreme temperatures and altitudes."
  • S.T. Dupont Gold Montparnasse Vertical Lines Lighter: US$1,000.
  • S.T. DUPONT GOLD MONTPARNASSE VERTICAL LINES LIGHTER - "Luxury Ligne 2 lighter with yellow gold vertical lines pattern."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT Yellow Gold FINISH LIGHTER - "The quintessential S.T. Dupont lighter, with its famous opening "cling" recognised by those in the know. Its balanced proportions make it the most universal S.T. Dupont lighter. Showcasing pure lines, this collection is adorned with noble materials and features a gentle flame or double flame depending on the model."
  • S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Pink Sparkling Pink Gold Lighter: US$50,000.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGNE 2 PINK SPARKLING LIGHTER - US$50,000.00. 18-carat pink solid gold. 93 diamonds (1,03 carat) GVS quality.
  • S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Sparkling White Gold Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT LIGNE 2 SPARKLING LIGHTER - US$80.000,00. 18-carat white solid gold. 468 diamonds (5,2 carat) GVS quality.
  • S.T. Dupont Solid Gold 18-Carat Yellow Gold Finish Lighter: £18,625.
  • S.T. DUPONT SOLID 18-CARAT YELLOW GOLD FINISH LIGHTER - "The quintessential S.T. Dupont lighter, with its famous opening "cling" recognized by those in the know. Its balanced proportions make it the most universal S.T. Dupont lighter. Showcasing pure lines, this collection is adorned with noble materials and features a gentle flame or double flame depending on the model. The manufacturing time is 4 months upon receipt of the order. The order is definitive and there is no possibility of cancellation."
  • S.T. Dupont Humphrey Bogart Limited Edition Ligne 2 Lighter: US$1,700.
  • S.T. DUPONT Limited Editions LIGHTERS - "Being exceptional is about having the vision and the expertise to challenge boundaries and charter new paths. With our uncompromising standards of excellence, we are proud to partner with the innovative, the iconic and the exceptional to create collections of unique limited editions."
  • S.T. Dupont maxiJet Chrome Finish Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT MAXIJET CHROME FINISH LIGHTER - "The ergonomic design and streamlined silhouette of the chrome maxiJet house a highly powerful torch flame, making it the perfect companion for cigar smokers."
  • S.T. Dupont Palladium Finish Natural Lacquer Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT PALLADIUM FINISH NATURAL LACQUER LIGHTER - "Our iconic lighter, with the famous crystal clear sound of the lighter's cap, instantly recognisable by those in the know. Elegantly engineered and finished in palladium with our new Fire Head signature engraving, this exceptional lighter features a soft flame. Made of 6 triangular facets, Fire Head is velvety to the touch, contrasting superbly with the geometrical precision of its motif."
  • S.T. Dupont Gatsby Lighter - Silver Verticle Lines: US$725.
  • S.T. DUPONT SILVER LIGHTER - "Luxury Lighter, compact, sterling silver with verticle lines."
  • S.T. Dupont Yellow Gold Finish Natural Lacquer Lighter.
  • S.T. DUPONT YELLOW GOLD FINISH NATURAL LACQUER LIGHTER - "Inspired by rare heritage skills dating back to S.T. Dupont’s origins, our artisans revive unique lacquering techniques to bring the Atelier 1953 range of hand-crafted objects to life, with natural lacquer applied by hand, layer by layer, to create a perfect finish. Flame-proof and highly resilient, each piece from the Atelier 1953 collection becomes an enduring precious object of beauty with its own unique character."
  • Stefano Ricci Sterling Silver Jet Flame Lighter: €1,180.
  • STEFANO RICCI - since 1972. Sterling Silver Lighter.
  • Dunhill Turbo Untreated Brass lighter.
  • The White Spot - The pipe brand 'The White Spot Dot' was introduced around 1912 by Alfred Dunhill. All models.
  • Dunhill Rollagas Hobnail 18ct Yellow Gold lighter.
  • The White Spot Dunhill Rollagas Hobnail 18ct Yellow Gold lighter - "Lighter can be ordered with standard flame, cigar flame or pipe flame."
  • Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bean Sterling silver Lighter: US$350. Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Bean lighter - Black lacquer: US$125.
  • TIFFANY & CO. - since 1837. Elsa Peretti Bean stirling silver lighter.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Mito Flint Lighter: US$119.
  • Tonino Lamborghini Mito Flint Lighters - "Pure Italian Talent." Tonino Lamborghini represents the luxury Italian lifestyle with its focus on design, innovation and the legend of a timeless heritage. This is a brand for men who want to express these qualities. Tonino Lamborghini has now captured all of the above in their cigar smoking accessories. The Mito collection are sleek and slender, chrome-finished cigar lighters.
  • Urso London Luxury Lighter Limited Edition: €60,000.
  • URSO - since 1985. "Made in Italy." Luxury gold cigarette lighters and cases.
  • Xikar Pipeline Soft-flame Lighter: US$64.99.
  • XIKAR - since 1996. "Designed to combine style, function and dependability backed by a lifetime commitment, XIKAR lighters are truly a necessity for today's aficionado."
  • XIKAR Double-jet Lighters - ignites a powerful jet flame perfect for cigars & cigarettes.
  • Zino Platinum Jet Flame Lighters: US$160.
  • Zino Platinum Jet Flame Lighters - "These elegant lighters are fitted with a special 'Flower' jet flame that makes them work in the strongest of winds."
  • ZIPPO - since 1932. "Zippo lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the lighter that is perfect for you!" All models.
  • Zippo Classic 18k Solid Gold Lighter: US$20,033.88.
  • ZIPPO 18k Solid Classic Gold Lighter - "It's the ultimate indulgence. With understated elegance, this 18kt. solid gold Zippo windproof lighter feels solid, looks substantial, and is absolutely stunning. Includes a gold lighter insert and custom crafted cherry gift box with certificate of registration." Price: US$11,893.95.
  • ZIPPO CANDLE LIGHTERS - "Zippo candle lighters are butane refillable and are available with or without a flexible neck."
  • ZIPPO lighter inserts - "Customize your Zippo lighter with a new lighter insert. Choose from single and double torch butane or rechargeable arc options. The pressurized butane inserts offer an odorless flame, while the arc offers a completely windproof flame source that can be easily recharged. Fits all regular-sized Zippo lighter cases. Does not fit Slim or 1935 Replica cases."
  • ZIPPO PIPE LIGTHERS - "Zippo Pipe Lighters feature a specially designed insert that allows you to easily direct and draw the flame downward."
  • ZIPPO Torch lighter
  • ZIPPO UTILITY LIGTHERS - "Zippo Utility Lighters are butane refillable and are available with or without a flexible neck."
  • ZIPPO WINDPROOF LIGHTERS - "Zippo Windproof Lighters are durable, refillable and built for a lifetime of use. Find the design that is perfect for you!"
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