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    EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC) or Every Day Carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern western society, including possible emergency situations.

    Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, notebooks, and pens. The type and quantity of such items may vary widely.

    While often distributed among pockets in everyday clothing, carry options are frequently expanded by the addition of clothing accessories like a fanny pack, purse, small day pack, bracelets, or even footwear like long boots or a vest with pockets. The multiple large pockets of cargo pants make them a popular choice among people who carry EDC items.

    Specific items utilized for EDC will vary based on the activity and environment:

    Occupational: Those who work in a warehouse or outdoors may carry a pocket knife or box cutter and work gloves. For those who are in the medical field, having emergency latex or nitrile gloves can be important.

    Disaster-related: For those who live in a disaster prone area, having a flashlight and a communication tool may be essential.

    Team support: Those whose partner(s) or team members carry a weapon of some kind, may carry a first aid kit or extra ammunition as support in case of incident or accident.

    Health-related: Those who (might) require medical attention or are prone to sudden ailments (or are often with someone else who does) may carry prescribed medicine.

    Time-related: Having a time piece is sometimes necessary for timing critical everyday actions or to be on schedule.

    Safety: A weapon such as a firearm, knife, tactical flashlight, tactical pen, pepper spray, stun gun, or a small impact weapon.

    Wilderness: A compass, fire starting and water purification items might be suitable, and an air horn may be useful to scare off aggressive wild life.

    High-end Everyday Carry | EDC useful knives:
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  • 13 Best Grail EDC Knives You Can Buy - "When money is (almost) no object, you’ll enter a new, upper echelon of everyday carry cutting tool options."
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  • New Super-Sized Swiss Army Knife Is a Reminder That Airports Could Profit From Forgetful Travellers - "Although nowhere near as massive as Wenger’s Swiss Army Knife Giant that famously packed 87 implements into a seven-pound tool, Victorinox’s new 73-function Swiss Champ XXL will still stretch your pocket to its breaking point."
  • Off-White collaborates with Victorinox on Swiss army knife inspired by ancient tools - "Coinciding with the launch of a new London store, Victorinox CEO Carl Elsener Jr exclusively tells Wallpaper about the unique collaboration with the late Virgil Abloh and Off-White."
  • Swiss army knife maker to produce version without a blade - "Victorinox, producer of the celebrated pocket tool, responds to ‘plague of knife crime’ with new variant."
  • That Little Hole in Your Swiss Army Knife Could Be Essential in Survival Situations - "There’s a reason why awls were included on the earliest versions of the original Swiss Army Knife."
  • The James Brand The Barnes: US$649.
  • The James Brand The Barnes - "TJB’s first-ever integral design, the brand went all-out with the Barnes, imbuing it with the perfect blend of minimalism and material quality. The handle is CNC-machined from a single piece of billet titanium, helping cut weight and the number of parts. The blade is the brand’s first made with Böhler M390 steel. And its available in three distinct colorways."
  • The James Brand The Kline Knife Review - HiConsumption.
  • The James Brand x VMP Knife: The Abbey: US$79.
  • THE JAMES BRAND’S VINYL RECORD OPENING SCALPEL, 70S AUDIOPHILE WOULD HAVE ADORED - "The excitement of putting a new record on the turntable is something only purists can relate with. And when the vinyl record you’ve been after for ages is more precious than your priced possessions, opening the brand-new vinyl without even a semblance of damage is important. Reason enough for knife experts The James Brand and vinyl pros Vinyl Me, Please (VMP) to join forces to create a stylish EDC blade for immaculately opening vinyl record packaging."
  • TITANIUM MEETS CARBON FIBER: THE TACTICAL EDC KNIFE YOU WON’T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT - "Call it an occupational hazard, but I’ve probably seen over a thousand EDC knives through my 8-year career as a design writer and I’ve probably forgotten a bunch of them. There are a few handful of designs, however, that stand out in my memory for having either a unique design, a clever detail, immense functionality, or using a particular set of materials. The Thunder utility knife ticks most of those boxes."
  • Custom Vampire Straw: US$85.
  • Vampire Straw - "Machined one at the time in the USA out of grade 9 titanium, the Vampire straw is truly a custom made item. The Vampire straw’s dimensions make it the most comfortable straw to use; it’s length and wide gauge allows the user to drink effortlessly any thick shake or smoothie. The Vampire straw is also long enough to drink from any long beverage can. Designed for self defense, the Vampire straw is super tough and long enough to be used like a dagger; it’s chiseled tip is sharp enough to puncture most synthetic materials. The Vampire straw is also a very effective tire deflator, and can be carried in a cup, in public without attracting attention. From a cup, the Vampire straw is very easy to deploy in reverse grip, and put into action almost instantly."
  • vampire straw? A closer look at the weapon confiscated from a Boston traveler’s luggage - "A man was arrested earlier this month at Boston Logan International Airport for allegedly carrying a 'vampire straw' in his carry-on luggage. While the name of the device summons thoughts of Dracula and blood-sucking bats, the straws actually have nothing to do with vampires. Here’s what you need to know about the multi-use, self-defense tool."
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