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Leatherman - Tread Bracelet, The Travel Friendly Wearable Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel (FFP): US$164.85.

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    EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC) or Every Day Carry refers to items that are carried on a consistent basis to assist in dealing with normal everyday needs of modern western society, including possible emergency situations.

    Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, notebooks, and pens. The type and quantity of such items may vary widely.

    While often distributed among pockets in everyday clothing, carry options are frequently expanded by the addition of clothing accessories like a fanny pack, purse, small day pack, bracelets, or even footwear like long boots or a vest with pockets. The multiple large pockets of cargo pants make them a popular choice among people who carry EDC items.

    Specific items utilized for EDC will vary based on the activity and environment:

    Occupational: Those who work in a warehouse or outdoors may carry a pocket knife or box cutter and work gloves. For those who are in the medical field, having emergency latex or nitrile gloves can be important.

    Disaster-related: For those who live in a disaster prone area, having a flashlight and a communication tool may be essential.

    Team support: Those whose partner(s) or team members carry a weapon of some kind, may carry a first aid kit or extra ammunition as support in case of incident or accident.

    Health-related: Those who (might) require medical attention or are prone to sudden ailments (or are often with someone else who does) may carry prescribed medicine.

    Time-related: Having a time piece is sometimes necessary for timing critical everyday actions or to be on schedule.

    Safety: A weapon such as a firearm, knife, tactical flashlight, tactical pen, pepper spray, stun gun, or a small impact weapon.

    Wilderness: A compass, fire starting and water purification items might be suitable, and an air horn may be useful to scare off aggressive wild life.

    High-end Everyday Carry | EDC useful multitools:
  • Fire-starting titanium multitool with device stand smashes goals - "The new AceStand multi-tool has an impressive range of onboard functions including a screwdriver and pry bar. But its dual use as a sturdy tablet or phone stand is likely what has it currently blasting through its fundraising goals on Kickstarter."
  • LEICA EDC MULTITOOL WAS DESIGNED FOR CAMERA TINKERERS AS WELL AS SEASONED OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS - Over the years with its unrelenting simplicity and compactness, the Leica cameras have paved the way for all types of modern photography. Now the Leica M forms the basis for the design of a multitool that draws more than its looks from the SL2 camera. The Leica Multi has a similar machined aluminum body and is manually assembled for precision and quality.
  • MULTITOOL - "Multitools have a special place in an adventurerís life, who must always be prepared for an emergency when venturing outdoors. The best preparation against the unforeseen is having a multitool in the everyday carry gear. Offering a number of simple and effective ways to tackle a range of problems when outside the house, or in the everyday routine at home, for that matter, a multitool in its portable format is a constructive option. If youíre an enthusiast, or for the knowledge of the not-so-familiar, Victorinox and Leatherman are arguably the two most prominent names in the multitool industry."
  • The KeyMaster: US$65.
  • The KeyMaster - since 2023. "An EDC Tool that supports all your needs." Made from titanium for handling everything, your daily companion easy up your life, also a must-have outdoor tool with a folding blade.
  • TINY 14-IN-1 TITANIUM KEY MULTITOOL IS MORE VERSATILE THAN A SWISS ARMY KNIFE - "The KeyMaster: An EDC Tool that supports all your needs." Made from titanium for handling everything, your daily companion easy up your life, also a must-have outdoor tool with a folding blade.
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