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Nicolas G. Hayek of Breguet unveils its Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication pocket watch number 1160 in april 2008.

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BAUME & MERCIER is a Swiss luxury watchmaking company founded in 1830. It is owned by Richemont, and with Cartier and Piaget they make up the core of the group. This company is represented in 75 countries and produces around 200,000 watches a year. The most important markets are in Europe, especially Italy, Spain and France. Baume et Mercier is distributed by 220 exclusive retailers worldwide and has established itself as a manufacturer of sporty chronographs.

In 1830 the Baume family opened one of the first comptoirs horlogers (watch shops) in the Swiss Jura region in the village of Les Bois. "Frères Baume" soon became a major watch company, thanks to the commercial flair and rigorous industrial methods of the two brothers, Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin Baume, who strictly followed their motto: "Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality."

By 1876, when the second generation took over, "Frères Baume" had already acquired a solid international reputation for its simple watches, chronographs and Grand Complication models, including minute repeaters, calendars and tourbillons. The company management was again shared by two brothers, sons of the co-founder, Louis-Victor. Alcide Baume was in charge of production in Les Bois, while Arthur Baume was based in London and handled international marketing. The company soon set up branches in Geneva, Switzerland and Philadelphia, in the United States.

Baume watches earned ever-growing success and recognition under the impetus of the second generation. In 1892, Baume earned the highest score in the competition (91.9 points out of a 100) with a split-second chronograph, an all-time record that remained unbeaten until over a decade later. Up to the early 20th century, the brand won a steady succession of prizes for its simple and complicated watches, all equipped with the most advanced technological features. In London, Arthur Baume became a leading figure in the United Kingdom. He was named a knight of the Legion of Honor, and later became an officer, and was twice decorated by French President Poincarré in person.

In 1919, barely a year after the company was set up, Baume & Mercier movements were awarded the "Poinçon de Genève" or Geneva Hallmark, the highest token of fine craftsmanship in watchmaking. A year and a half later, Baume & Mercier had become the watch brand producing the largest number of movements certified by this prestigious quality label. In 1964, in order to reinforce it’s brand identity, Baume & Mercier chose the Greek symbol PHI as its new visual brand emblem. Considered since Antiquity to be the “golden section” representing perfect proportions, the PHI appeared from then on as the Baume & Mercier logo on all its watch dials. It was from this time onwards that Baume & Mercier acquired its status as an affordable luxury brand, a positioning it continues to uphold. The brand also accentuated its avant-garde, innovative approach, especially during the 1970s.

BLANCPAIN designs, manufactures, distributes and sells luxury watches. Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jaques Blancpain, Blancpain is headquartered in Biel, Switzerland and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swatch Group. Blancpain started making watches in 1735 in Villeret, Switzerland. According to their commercial slogans, the company has never produced quartz watches in the past and has stated in its advertisements that it never will, nor have they ever produced watches with digital displays. In comparison to a large watch maker like Rolex, which makes about 2,000 watches a day, Blancpain produces fewer than 10,000 watches a year. Each watch is made by a single watchmaker.

Blancpain is also famous for being the creator of one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made, the Blancpain 1735, which is a true grand complication (Tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, split chrono), a limited edition of 30 pieces only, production of just one piece per year. Blancpain is also known for its Fifty-Fathoms watch, selected by the United States Navy and worn by Jacques-Yves Cousteau in his award-winning film. In 1984, Blancpain launched the world's smallest movement, followed in 1989 by the launch of the world's thinnest movement.

Édouard BOVET (1797–1849) was a Swiss watchmaker and founder of the Bovet Fleurier watch company. Édouard Bovet was born in Fleurier in Neuchâtel, the son of Jean Frédéric Bovet, in 1797. Although the "Genève" tag is virtually compulsory for Swiss prestige name watches in the highest price bracket, it is the lesser known place name "Fleurier" that graces the watches from the Bovet company in Geneva: for the Bovet originated from this village in the Val-de-Travers, to the west of Neuchâtel. Watchmaking was introduced there between 1730 and 1740 by David Vaucher, probably a pupil of the legendary Daniel JeanRichard. The number of watchmakers in the Val-de-Travers grew very rapidly in the first half of the 19th century. The lace making that had provided work for a good third of the people living in the valley had been replaced by the much lower cost production on jacquard machines in France and Flanders. Four more sons and a daughter were born in the following years. After completing his apprenticeship as a watchmaker, Edouard Bovet and two of his brothers moved to London, then the center of watch assembly and the watch trade in 1814.

Édouard Bovet returned to Fleurier in 1830 as a made man. Édouard Bovet’s brothers and nephews - all of them shareholders in the company - made sure that the cornerstones of the Bovet empire in Fleurier, London and Canton continued to flourish. Once the political situation was back to normal, in 1840, the firm was re-registered as Bovet Frères et Cie.; the share capital amounted to 1 million francs. Édouard Bovet died in 1849; he lived long enough to witness the triumph of the republic and the withdrawal of the Prussians in the previous year. The succession was settled and the production for China continued; in 1855 Bovet was awarded a gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris for an absolutely identical pair of watches ordered by the emperor of China. Two generations later the Bovets were running a flourishing Swiss-Chinese commercial enterprise and were no longer interested in watchmaking. The name was sold several times and relaunched in 1994. The current Bovet watches are modeled on their luxury precursors from the 19th century and look like pocket watches for the wrist.

BREGUET is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches, founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris in 1775. Currently part of The Swatch Group, its timepieces are now (since 1976) produced in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. It is one of the oldest surviving watch-making establishments and is the pioneer of numerous watch-making technologies, the most notable being the tourbillon, invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet. It also produced the first wrist watch in 1810. Breguet watches are often easily recognized for their coin-edge cases, guilloché dials and blue pomme hands (often now referred to as 'Breguet hands').

Breguet was founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet. His first known address was at 51 Quai de l'Horloge on the Île de la Cité in Paris. Thanks to his marriage to the daughter of a prosperous French bourgeois, her dowry provided the backing which allowed him to open his own workshop. The connections Breguet had made with scholarly people during his apprenticeship as a watchmaker and as a student of mathematics soon paid off. Following his introduction to the court, Queen Marie Antoinette grew fascinated by Breguet's unique self-winding watch; Louis XVI bought several of his watches and legend has it that Marie Antoinette commissioned the watch that was to contain every watch function known at that time - Breguet's masterpiece, the Marie Antoinette (No. 160).

BREITLING is a luxury brand of Swiss watches produced by Breitling SA, a private company headquartered in Grenchen, Canton of Solothurn (originally founded in Saint-Imier, Bernese Jura by Léon Breitling in 1884). The company exclusively offered Certified Chronometers in all models since 2000. Watches are usually oriented towards three categories: Diving (SuperOcean), Aviation (Navitimer), and Luxury (Breitling for Bentley). Aviation models such as the Navitimer offer aviation functions largely as complications, since their function in aviation has largely been replaced by modern electronic instruments. The styling of Breitling watches is characterized by polished cases and bracelets and large watch faces which are designed to improve readability. Many models feature an automatic winding mechanism that is purely mechanical (i.e. using no electronic components) and frequently feature complications.

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  • BA111OD Chapter 1.4 Black Ice: €350.
  • BA111OD Watch Concept - since 2020. "BA111OD is a fast-growing Swiss startup based in Neuchâtel, applauded as one of the most innovative company within the watchmaking industry by specialist and international press. For us, innovation shouldn't be on the product only, but as well on the way to commercializing it, and that changes everything! We introduce the Afluendors concept: a collaborative approach that is redefining distribution and community engagement through a phygital approach."
  • BABY-G - women's watches by Casio.
  • Baccarat Harcourt Abysse clock: US$975.
  • BACCARAT - founded in 1764. Harcourt Abysse rystal desk clock.
  • Backes and Strauss The Berkeley Collection.
  • BACKES & STRAUSS - founded in 1789. "Luxury Diamond Watches."
  • BADGLEY MISCHKA - women's.
  • BADOLLET - from 1655 until the middle of the 20th century, the Badollet family was an uninterrupted dynasty of watchmakers, from father to son. "Badollet watches are worn by those who appreciate the rare and the exceptional."
  • The Balenciaga Watch.
  • BALENCIAGA - The Balenciaga Watch.
  • BALL WATCH COMPANY - "Since 1891, accuracy under adverse conditions."
  • BALL WATCH COMPANY USA - BALL Watch mechanical timepieces: Swiss made, American owned. Ball Watch Company was founded in 1891 to standardize time for the United States railroads.
  • Ballfinger Triplex 2 Chronograph Schwarz.
  • Ballfinger TRIPLEX 2 CHRONOGRAPH - since 2005.
  • BALLOUARD - since 2009. "Swiss-French independent watchmaker." Unique highly complicated wristwatches and timepieces that embody Ludovic Ballouard's philosophy and heart. All pieces are created in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • BALMAIN SWISS WATCHES - "Since 1987, the watch brand of the couturier Pierre Balmain, offers you its Swiss technology in tradition and High Elegance."
  • Barisieur's coffee-brewing alarm clock.
  • Barisieur's coffee-brewing alarm clock might actually happen - engadget.
  • BARTHELAY - since 1930.
  • BATHYS HAWAII Dive Watches - "Professional Watches. Designed in Hawaii. Made in Switzerland."
  • Baume & Mercier Capeland.
  • BAUME & MERCIER - since 1830. "Life is about moments." All watches.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - all Capeland watches.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - all Classima watches.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - all Clifton watches.
    • Baume & Mercier Clifton model 10306.
    • BAUME & MERCIER CLIFTON QP - "An homage to astronomical observation and the beauty of celestialmechanics, the new Clifton Perpetual Calendar embodies one of the most successful and fascinating complications of distinguished watchmaking."
    • BAUME & MERCIER - "BAUME & MERCIER continues to write its story by integrating a new collection to its portfolio, a BAUME collection focusing on three strong design codes: an off-center crown at 12 o’clock in the spirit of the pocket watch; moving lugs for better comfort; and a system of interchangeable straps with buttons for more convenience."
    • BAUME & MERCIER - all Hampton watches.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - Linea women's watch.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - Promesse men's watch.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - men's watches.
    • BAUME & MERCIER - women's watches.
  • BCBGMAXAZRIA Watches - women's.
  • BEDAT & CO. Geneve - since 1998. "For Women Of Character." Bedat & CO GENEVE is and has always been a brand that pride in recognising and ackowledging women who exude richness of Character.
  • BELL & ROSS - since 1992. "Designed for professionals who demand optimal reliability, Bell & Ross watches meet four basic principles: readability, performance, precision, water-resistance."
  • BELLO & PRECISO Milano - since 2006. "Bello & Preciso-Milano is a brand of watches that speaks for itself."
  • BENZINGER - since 1985. "Unique watches & skeletonized watches."
  • BERING TIME - since 2008. "Inspired by arctic beauty."
  • BERNEY-BLONDEAU - Tips and Methods Regarding How to Obtain the Right Swiss Watches & Jewelry.
  • BERTHET - since 1888. "Fabrication Française de montres de poche et de montres mécanique à complications."
  • BERTOLUCCI WATCHES - since 1987. "Mediterranean inspiration, Swiss craftsmanship."
  • BETSEY JOHNSON - since 1978. "Watches for Women."
  • BEXEI WATCHES - "Where Unique Solutions Are Born."
    • PRIMUS TOURBILLON - "PRIMUS, the first BEXEI tourbillon wrist watch has an extremely complicated and unique movement. Respecting traditional watchmaking Aaron Becsei invented the three axis tourbillion movement where the 3rd (external) cage's unique form provides the possibility of using jewel bearings everywhere - instead of ball-bearings."
  • BEYER UHREN - since 1760. "Beyer Watches & Jewellery, situated on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse, is the oldest watch shop in Switzerland." Whether you’re looking for automatic watches, manual-winding watches or wristwatches with a quartz movement - at Beyer, the entire world of watches will be at your feet - or rather, at your hands. Have a look at our offerings online, but be sure to stop by our shop to see them in person for yourself. Our highly trained service personnel will take the time to discuss your needs.
  • BIANCI - "We design and manufacture a diverse selection of fashionable, high-quality watches at affordable prices." All watches.
  • Bijan watches.
  • BIJAN - since 1976. "The House of Bijan, considered the most expensive store in the world, is the legendary by appointment only showroom on Rodeo Drive."
  • BIJOUMONTRE - since 2004. "Uniting the fine art of Swiss watchmaking with exquisite jewelry design."
  • BINDA - "Watches since 1906."
  • BLANCHEFONTAINE - "To complete our range of services, we offer you the option to customise our quartz and mechanical watches by adding your own logo to the dial or packaging."
  • BLANCHET - founded 1819. "Extreme Activity Watch. Swiss Made Chronometer."
  • BLACK BELT WATCH - "The first watch in the world that money can't buy!" High-end Swiss watch solely reserved for black belt holders, regardless of the martial art style.
  • BLACKSAND GenÈve - since 2011. "Swiss Luxury Watches." The know-how and the tradition of Swiss watchmaking, while offering a decidedly different product.
  • Blancpain Women's Watch.
  • BLANCPAIN - founded in 1735.
  • BLANCPAIN - Wikipedia.
    • Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication.
    • 1735 GRANDE COMPLICATION - one of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made: 740 pieces of handmade parts and components. It is a true grand complication: Tourbillon, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, split chrono. A limited edition of 30 pieces only. Production of just one piece per year. Price: US$800,000.
    • Blancpain Villeret Chronograph.
    • Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe with blue dial and Sedna red gold.
    • FIFTY FATHOMS COLLECTION - "The first modern diver’s watch." The Fifty Fathoms collection embodies Blancpain’s passion for the marine world, introduced for the first time in 1953 with the creation of the first modern diver’s watch. Ever since, we have worked alongside divers, scientists and underwater photographers in their exploration and discovery of the awe-inspiring beauty of the oceans, contributing in this way to the revelations of this fascinating world and the motivation to protect it.
    • Vladimir Putin - Blancpain Grande Date Aqua Lung. Image Courtesy Superwatchman.
    • Grande Date Aqua Lung - "The President of Russia Vladimir Putin is wearing a 40mm Blancpain Grande Date Aqua Lung in stainless steel."
    • Blancpain L-Evolution 'Phase de Lune 8 Jours'.
    • Le Brassus Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Self-Winding Watch.
    • Blancpain Léman GMT Alarm Watch.
    • Blancpain Women Ultraplate Saint Valentin Watch.
    • Blancpain Villeret Pocket Watch.
    • Blancpain Quantième Rétrograde watch for women.
  • BLUMARINE - ladies watches.
  • BMW Watch Collection - "The quest for perfection and uncompromising craftsmanship. Traits shared by the makers of fine timepieces and automobiles alike."
  • Boegli Vivaldi.
  • BOEGLI - Swiss Made Musical Watches - Since 1904. "When time becomes music."
    • POCKET WATCHES - "Watches are deeply personal things, so we make them personal. Despite being a modern designer brand, Boegli watches are built the old-fashioned way - by hand - to ensure that our design and quality standards for each watch are met with utmost precision. Hand-etched dials and custom-built faces – everything is made by professional watchmakers who work with us in-house to design truly unique, truly beautiful bespoke Boegli watches."
    • WRISTWATCHES - "Boegli wristwatches are made tough, but are not tough on your wrists. Each Grand Opera watch is fitted exactly to your form and measurements, so it stays secure without causing any discomfort or abrasion on your skin. But unlike other designer brands, we don’t sacrifice durability for style or comfort. Boegli watches are built for you and built to last, heavy-duty and lightweight, and can be worn on any occasion, any time."
  • BOHLIN - since 1920.
  • Bólido Black Edition.
  • BÓlido - "A Swiss watch for new times." We call it "Bólido", Spanish for meteor. A luminary that crosses between the somewhat immovable fixed stars of established brands on the watch firmament.
  • BOMBARDIER - "Swiss Aviator Chronographs." An emblematic alliance for an exceptional watch.
  • BOMBFROG - "No matter if you are jumping, diving or working, a watch is more than an instrument to measure time. Your surviving and the success of a mission is depending on it. The initial range of watches was created specifically for members of elite units in Germanys armed forces. Today all watches that are offered by BOMBFROG® are worn with pride by selected groups from a variety of all backgrounds, united by an adventurous spirit and the knowledge that there is no substitute for quality and style." All collections.
  • BORGEAUD - "The Septagraph." Micromechanical precision translating a unique philosophy of time which reinstates the necessity of making a daily appointment with yourself through a strategic pause for thought.
  • Bornova Ephesos Chronograph.
  • Bornova - "Swiss made mechanical watches."
  • Borrowed Time - since 2012. "Luxury Watch Rental for Men." Borrowed Time Watch Company is our solution to the complicated world of Luxury Watch Sales - a truly unique experience for those who demand more. Think of us an extension of your own personal collection; so whether you need a watch for an important meeting, black-tie event, special occasion, night out or just to wear something new and exciting, we are here to make it happen.
  • BOSS Black Mens watch.
  • BOSS - "21 Best Hugo Boss Orange Watches For Men."
  • Hugo Boss men's watch.
  • BOSS - men's.
  • Hugo Boss women's watch.
  • BOSS - women's.
  • BOTTA DESIGN - all models.
    • UNO - the original one-hand watch, since 1986.
    • UNO 24 - the 24-hour original.
  • Boucheron Ma Jolie Jewelry Watch.
  • BOUCHERON - since 1858. "Luxury wacthes for men & women."All collections.
  • BOUCHERON - Wikipedia.
  • Bovet Tourbillon Grande Date.
  • BOVET 1822 - "Engineering Brilliance." Bovet Fleurier SA is a Swiss brand of luxury timepieces whose origins date back to 1822, the year in which Edouard Bovet founded their workshop in the picturesque Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland. Bovet is famous for its pocket watches manufactured for the Chinese market in the 19th century. All collections.
  • Bovet 1822 Rolls-Royce Boat Tail bespoke timepiece.
  • BOVET 1822 & Rolls-Royce - "A True Collaboration." Since the beginning of motorized vehicles, time and the automobile have been inextricably linked. Timepieces have always had a place in the world of the automobile, either to measure speed over distance or to ensure that the owner always had the correct time. But watches and cars have never been as linked as they are now. Today, for the first time ever, two tourbillon timepieces from BOVET 1822 have been engineered, designed, and developed in parallel with the production of a coachbuilt Rolls-Royce. Using the revolutionary and patented Amadeo system, these timepieces can transform from a wristwatch to a pocket/pendant watch to a desk clock and… that’s right, a dashboard clock.
  • Bovet Fleurier SA - Wikipedia.
  • Édouard Bovet - (1797-1849).
  • Boys' Watches at
  • BOZEMAN WATCH COmpany - Wikipedia.
  • Braun BNC014-RC Digital Global Radio Controlled Wall Clock: €120.
  • BRAUN clocks - "Braun clocks have been thoughtfully and simply designed to enhance their individual uses through a combination of standout features and innovative functions.."
  • BRAUN watches - all collections.
  • Bravur model BW001G-W-LDG1 watch: US$880.
  • Bravur - since 2011. All models.
  • Breguet Classique, model no. 5717BR/US/9ZU.
  • BREGUET - since 1775. All collections.
  • BREGUET - Wikipedia.
  • Breguet Celebrates 220 Years of Innovation with a New Breguet Watch - "Abraham-Louis Breguet is mostly known for being an ultra-prolific inventor, a man behind some of the most important innovations (some still in use today). Think about the perpetual calendar, the anti-shock device or the gongs of a chiming watch. And of course, there’s his masterpiece, the tourbillon, which celebrates its 220 anniversary this year. And to pay tribute to its founder and to his invention, Breguet is releasing an exclusive watch, the new Classique Tourbillon Extra-Plat Anniversaire 5365. Made in a limited run of 35 pieces, the same number of tourbillon watches made during Abraham-Louis Breguet’s lifetime."
  • Breguet Reinvents Its Classic Invention With An Orbital Double Tourbillon - "The company that invented the tourbillon has set a new standard for the mechanism with the Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai De l’Horloge. Breguet doubles the fun by adding a second tourbillon, driven by its own separate gear train and mainspring, and then sets the entire mechanism in rotation once every 12 hours. Defined as an orbital tourbillon, the rotating dial is like a tiny slow-moving carousel ride for watch lovers."
  • Breguet Unveils High-Jewelry Marine Poseidonia Watches Fit For A Queen - "Swiss watch brand Breguet - a master at complicated timepieces - pulls out all the stops with its new high-jewelry Marine Poseidonia watches for women. Focusing on the beauty of the seas for this Marine series, the brand deftly reinterprets the Posiddonia Oceanica aquatic plant found in the Mediterranean on the dial."
  • Tourbillon pocket watch (1188) sold on August 1, 1808 to Don Antonio de Bourbon, Infante of Spain for 3600 francs.
  • Breguet No. 1188 tourbillon chronometer - bought for almost CHF 2,150,000 (hammer price CHF 1,950,000) at the Antiquorum sale of October 20, 2002 in Geneva.
  • BREIL - since 1939. Men's watches.
  • BREIL - since 1939. Women's watches.
  • BREIL MILANO - men's.
  • BREIL TRIBE - men's.
  • Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon for Bentley.
  • BREITLING - since 1884. "Instruments For Professionals."
  • BREITLING - Wikipedia.
  • Breitling Teams With Triumph Motorcycles For Watches & Bike - "In a major motorcycle move, Swiss watch brand Breitling teams with Triumph for special-edition watches and a motorcycle that will have lovers of watches and bikes gunning their engines. The new Breitling Top Time Triumph watch is offered in two versions - one for the public with the beloved Zorro dial ($5,500) and one for owners of the new Top Time Speed Twin Motorcycle inspired by the café-racer culture of yesteryear (with ice blue sunday dial for $5,700)."
  • Breitling Unveils Cosmonaute To Honor 60 Years Since Its First Historic Space Flight - "Breitling does it again. Today, the brand makes a real statement about its heritage and watchmaking prowess at a huge product-release event in Zurich. Not only is the Swiss watch brand releasing an all-new beloved Cosmonaute watch, but also it is recalling its rich aviation history for this release. The new timepiece recalls the watch worn by American astronaut Scott Carpenter in a space mission in 1962. Additionally, to set the tone for the release event, Breitling even brings the original watch worn by Carpenter (and fairly well destroyed in the seawater landing) to the forefront for the first time since the mission."
    • Breitling Emergency Night Mission.
    • Breitling Emergency Night Mission - "The world’s first wristwatch with built-in dual frequency personal locator beacon is now issued in three special editions combining a black titanium case with orange or yellow accents, or a blue mother-of-pearl dial. With its miniaturized transmitter and its original integrated antenna system, the Breitling Emergency is synonymous with all-terrain safety for professionals and adventurers around the globe."
    • Breitling Exospace B55: US$8,900.
    • Exospace B55 - "In the forefront of connected chronographs, the Exospace B55 is asserting itself as a concentrated package of innovation, functionality and performance."
    • Superocean 42
    • Breitling Transocean Selfwinding chronograph. 18K red gold case.
    • Transocean Chronograph
  • BREITLING FOR BENTLEY - all collections.
  • Bremont Solo White watch.
  • BREMONT - since 2002. Luxury, aviation themed British watchmaker based in England.
  • Bremont Watch Company - Wikipedia.
  • the fascinating story behind Bremont's new DH-88 Limited Edition watch - The Telegraph.
  • BRERA OROLOGI - since 2008. Luxury Italian watch collection.
  • BRIGADA watch co. - all collections.
  • BROOKS BROTHERS - since 1818. All collections.
  • BRUNO BANANI - men's & women's watches.
  • Buben & Zörweg's Oridt Tourbillon (part clock, part humidor, part wine storage, and more) Limited edition: 75 pieces.
  • BUBEN & ZÖRWEG - since 1995. "The First Stop for Passionate Lovers of Fine Timepieces."
  • Buccellati Audachron watch.
  • BUCCELLATI - since 1919. "When art meets time, then there is a perfect combination that leads to the creation of superb timekeepers. Buccellati’s faithfulness to tradition and high creativity, quality and outstanding style, is the key to success for the watch collections of the Milanese House. All of the watch models signed by Buccellati show some distinctive signs that have made this brand famous and admired throughout the whole world." All collections
  • Bucherer watches.
  • BUCHERER - founded in 1888. All collections.
  • Bugatti Ceramique Edition One.
  • Bugatti Smartwatches - since 2020. "Bugatti Ceramique Edition One." One watch. Three Bezels.
  • BUGATTI WATCHES - by Parmigiani. All models
  • Bulbul Pebble 06: €399.
  • Bulbul - contemporary Danish watch brand. All collections.
  • BULER Swiss watch - founded 1945.
  • Bvlgari Magsonic.
  • BVLGARI - since 1884. "Combine the extraordinary creativity and emotional impact of Italian design and traditional Swiss expertise."
  • A $1.6-Million Grande Sonnerie Is Among Bulgari’s 2022 Timepiece Lineup, (Mostly) Created For Women - "Bulgari’s new lineup of watches, introduced on Monday as part of LVMH Watch Week, are a demonstration of how devoted this brand is to making great watches for women - not just seasoned collectors but fans of essential day-to-evening wear."
  • Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch.
  • BVlgari Diagono Magnesium Concept Watch - "Thanks to an NFC chip, the Diagono Magnesium will be able to store and access your personal information like your passwords, bank accounts, and credit cards, which can be managed through the BVlgari Vault app on your smartphone."
  • Bulgari Goes For Baroque With A Trio Of Over-The Top Jewelry Watches - Forbes.
  • Bulgari Unveils Thin-As-A-Dime World Record Setting Octo Finissimo Ultra Watch - "Bulgari has been setting world records throughout the past decade, but this newest one - the 8th world record timepiece for the brand - shatters all the other records. The newest Octo Finissimo Ultra watch is the thinnest mechanical watch in the world. It measures just 1.8mm thick (the entire cased watch, not just the movement - meaning that it is just slightly thicker than the very thin American dime."
  • Bulgari’s Eighth Record-Breaker: The Octo Finissimo Ultra - "Because Bulgari has just launched its eighth world record in the form of a watch that I can only say, is one of the most mind-blowing things I’ve ever touched or looked upon. It is, in fact, the world’s thinnest mechanical watch. Though its proportions are tiny - 40mm in diameter and an incredible 1.8mm in thickness - its ramifications are enormous."
  • The Gérald Genta Arena Retro Mickey Mouse Disney.
  • GÉRALD GENTA & BVLGARI - "A story of watchming genius." Founded in 1969 by the namesake designer and watch master genius, the brand Gérald Genta was acquired by Bvlgari in 2000. In the last two decades, the company’s immeasurable savoir-faire has served as a driving force for Bvlgari to establish itself in the top league of high-end Swiss watchmakers.
  • Hands-On With The Incredible Bulgari Serpenti Misteriosi Women’s Watch With Mechanical Movement - "Worn by actresses and the most privileged jet-set, what renders today’s Bulgari, and today’s Bulgari Serpenti creations, so special, in my eyes at least, is that the company and its craftspeople are still able to push the serpent theme."
  • BULLOC ITALY - since 2004.
  • BULOVA - since 1960. Men's & women's watches.
    • ACCUTRON Spaceview - limited edition: 1,000 sequentially numbered, handmade collectible pieces honoring 50 years of timekeeping innovation.
    • clocks - all collections.
    • men's watches - all collections.
    • Rubaiyat Collection - "Fusing modern design aesthetics with deep roots of regal craftsmanship. The Rubaiyat collection masterfully articulates and celebrates empowered femininity."
    • women's watches - all collections.
  • BUNZ watches - at Chrono24.
  • BURBERRY - men's watches.
  • BURBERRY - women's watches.
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The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE & BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD - named simply 'The Card'. Members will receive special privileges, benefits and preferential rates with selected partner hotels, restaurants, our LUXURY WEBSHOP, and more. Enter your name and e-mail address to receive FREE INFO about 'The Card' HERE.

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