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OMEGA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Britain's Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches in 1917 as its official timekeepers for its combat units, as did the American army in 1918. Omega watches were the choice of NASA and the first watch on the Moon in 1969. Omega has been the official timekeeping device of the Olympic Games since 1932. James Bond has worn it in films since 1995; other famous Omega wearers, past and present, include John F. Kennedy, Prince William, and Buzz Aldrin. Omega is owned by the Swatch Group.

The forerunner of Omega was founded at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848 by 23-year-old Louis Brandt, who assembled key-wound precision pocket watches from parts supplied by local craftsmen. He sold his watches from Italy to Scandinavia by way of England, his chief market. After Louis Brandt's death in 1879, his two sons Louis-Paul and César, troubled by irregular deliveries of questionable quality, abandoned the unsatisfactory assembly workshop system in favour of in-house manufacturing and total production control. Due to the greater supply of manpower, communications and energy in Biel/Bienne, the enterprise moved into a small factory in January 1880, then bought the entire building in December. Two years later the company moved into a converted spinning-factory in the Gurzelen area of Biel/Bienne, where its headquarters are still situated today. Their first series-produced calibres, Labrador and Gurzelen, as well as the famous Omega calibre of 1894, would ensure the brand's marketing success.

Louis-Paul and César Brandt both died in 1903, leaving one of Switzerland's largest watch companies - with 240,000 watches produced annually and employing 800 people - in the hands of four young people, the oldest of whom, Paul-Emile Brandt, was not yet 24. Brandt was the great architect and builder of Omega. His influence would be felt over the next half-century. The economic difficulties brought on by the First World War would lead him to work actively from 1925 toward the union of Omega and Tissot, then to their merger in 1930 into the group SSIH, Geneva. Under Brandt's leadership and Joseph Reiser's from 1955, the SSIH Group continued to grow and multiply, absorbing or creating some fifty companies, including Lanco and Lemania, manufacturer of the most famous Omega chronograph movements. By the 1970s, SSIH had become Switzerland's number one producer of finished watches and number three in the world. Up to this time, the Omega brand outsold Rolex, its main Swiss rival in the luxury watch segment, although Rolex watches sold at a higher price point. Around this time it was viewed as Rolex versus Omega in the competition for the "King of Swiss Watch brands". Omega watches tended to be more revolutionary and more professional focused, while Rolex watches were more ‘evolutionary’ and famous for their mechanical pieces and brand.

While Omega and Rolex had dominated in the pre-quartz era, this changed in the 1970s. That was when Japanese watch manufacturers such as Seiko and Citizen rose to dominance due to their pioneering of quartz movement. In response, Rolex continued concentrating on its expensive mechanical chronometers where its expertise lay (though it did have some experimentation in quartz), while Omega tried to compete with the Japanese in the quartz watch market with Swiss made quartz movements. Weakened by the severe monetary crisis and recession of 1975 to 1980, SSIH was bailed out by the banks in 1981. During this period, Seiko expressed interest in acquiring Omega, but nothing came out of the talks. In 1998 it became the Swatch Group, which now manufactures Omega and other brands such as Blancpain, Swatch, and Breguet. Omega's brand experienced a resurgence with advertisement that focused on product placement strategies, such as in the James Bond 007 films; the character had previously worn a Rolex Submariner but switched to the Omega Seamaster with GoldenEye (1995) and has stayed with the latter ever since. Omega also adopted many elements of Rolex's business model (i.e. higher pricing, tighter controls of dealer pricing, increasing advertising, etc.) which was successful in increasing Omega's market share and name recognition to become more of a direct competitor to Rolex.

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  • O & W WATCHES | Ollech & Wajs Zurich - since 1956.
  • OAKLEY - since 1975. Men's watches.
  • OBAKU - "Forget about time, let the moment rule." Obaku Denmark is an exclusive collection of timepieces designed by blending two traditions of simplicity: Danish minimalist design and Zen philosophy.
  • Ocean Crawler Navigator with a Meteorite Dial.
  • Ocean Crawler Navigator Watch - since 2017. "Diving Watches."
  • OCEANUS - "The world's first atomic, solar powered chronograph watches."
  • OFFICINA DEL TEMPO - since 2000. "Made in italy - Italian Fashion Watches."
  • Offshore Limited Cockpit.
  • OGIVAL - since 1903.
  • OHSEN - sports watches.
  • OLD ENGLAND - launched in 1967.
  • OLE MATHIESEN - "By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court." Through three generations Ole Mathiesen have preserved an exceptional degree of continuity and maintained a great admiration for traditional watch craftsmanship, new technology and aesthetic design. The first Ole Mathiesen watches was designed in 1962 but our history dates back to 1845.
  • Oliver Hemming 500mm Wall Clock: US$184.45.
  • Oliver Hemming - since 1950. Clocks & weather stations. Award winning Bristish designer.
  • OLIVIER RANDIN - since 2000. "All our watches are fitted with mechanical movements, this insures you a total independency, and respect also our ecological consciousness in avoiding any battery. Only your movement will ensure the smooth running of your watch."
  • Olivier Roux Watch Repair Specialists - "Watch Repairs USA is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to repair your Olivier Roux watch. From a simple battery replacement to a complete restoration, our Swiss-trained watchmakers perform a wide range of repairs with precision. Discover why thousands of satisfied customers have entrusted their Olivier Roux watch with Watch Repairs USA."
  • Ladymatic.
  • OMEGA - founded in 1848. The first watch on the Moon in 1969.
  • OMEGA - Wikipedia.
  • 3 Omega Watches Star In New James Bond Film, ‘No Time To Die - "Whilst the James Bond film franchise has been embodying the gold standard of sexy espionage-adventure movies since 1962, OMEGA Seamaster timepieces have been worn on screen and in promotions by actors playing Bond since 1995."
  • 60 Years of James Bond Rolex OMEGA Watches List - "Looking Back at 60 Years of James Bond and His Fondness for Watches. From Sean Connery’s Rolex 'Big Crown' to Daniel Craig’s OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M."
  • Answering The 'Dirty' Question - Is An Omega Speedmaster A Good Investment? - "Are you a flipper, or do you just want to make sure your money is well spent?"
  • Evolution Of James Bond’s Omega Seamaster Watches - Then & Now - "In Ian Fleming’s novels, Bond wore a Rolex. In the first movies, that translated into a Submariner (in the novels it isn’t). Over the years, 007 wore a plethora of watches from all sorts of brands. However, since 1995 James Bond has been wearing Omega watches. Where the cars changed from BMW to Ford Focus, to Aston Martin (again), his choice for watches remained the same. Sponsored or not, the Omega watch has been on the wrist of James Bond since 1995’s GoldenEye."
  • OMEGA INTRODUCES THE SPEEDMASTER CHRONOSCOPE, A NEW CHRONOGRAPH WITH A 1940S INSPIRED DIAL - "The new Chronoscope is an interesting mix of the old and new, with an intentionally busy dial meant to evoke a period of time that predates much of the current inspiration for new vintage inspired watch designs, a case that for all intents and purposes seems to be roughly equivalent to that of a modern Speedmaster Pro, and an interesting and beautifully decorated movement."
  • OMEGA MUSEUM - "OUR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE." Ground-breaking innovations, space travel, precision records, deep-sea adventures, Olympic Games timekeeping, James Bond - OMEGA’s legacy is truly extraordinary and the brand’s beautifully modern Museum in Switzerland is a fitting place to tell such an extraordinary story.
  • OMEGA WATCH BOXES - "Fine Leather Watch boxes."
  • OMEGA Watch straps - All watch straps.
  • ONLINE STOPWATCH - "A Simple, Fast Flash Online Stopwatch and Online Countdown timer always available when you need it."
  • OPEX PARIS - "The instantly recognisable Opex style is a fashion accessory exclusively for women. Each collection draws on current and future trends to shine with a constantly reinvented modernity. Following the rhythm of the seasons and fashion, the OPEX Design Studio in Paris produces two collections per year, born from the imagination and creativity of its two designers."
  • ORA SWISS WATCH COMPANY - since 2012. "The Ora Swiss Watch company is a family-owned and run upmarket watch brand. It dreams up, develops, designs and manufactures its watches in Ticino."
  • Orefici Unisex ORM1C4807 Regata Chronograph Strong Bold Powerful Italian Watch .
  • OREFICI unisex Regata Chronograph founded in 1933.
  • ORIENT - founded in 1950. Automatic watches.
  • ORIS - "Swiss Watches in Hölstein since 1904." Manufacturer of luxurious mechanical watches. Discover the Oris collection and all novelties on the official Oris website.
    • Classic - "The Classic is proof that the simplest way can also be the best. While avant-garde design has its place, it can only exist alongside timeless benchmarks - like this round-cased, three-hand date watch."
  • OSIREC - "Osirec offers a unique collection of watches that blends Swiss quality and technology with the elegance and prestige of the Pharaohs."
  • OXY WATCH - E-ink digital bracelet unisex watch by Adrián Castro.
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